Any thinking on feed my albino rosy boa?

I purchased a rosy boa about a month ago. I know he be eating when he be at the store and eat one time for me 4 days then. Then someone accidently left the coop open and he escaped within my house. We have radiant floor so they are other warm, so he be aleast warm on his vaction. We found him Tuesday, he be gone for about 3 weeks, I own been trying to nurture him nightly since, with no luck. I'm not to worried however, but if he doesn't eat surrounded by 2 weeks I'm going to take him to see the vet. Does anyone own any ideas how to coax my little escapee into consumption his dinner? I feed him frozen, thaw out pinkies, he usually takes them fairly fast but he doesn't seem to be even interested now.
Answers: Feed him to a chicken..
I read (honestly) that snakes that aren't taking food occassionally prefer to enjoy the brains kind of poked out and smeared around their food. Use a toothpick or a scissor point. Apparently there's something around the smell that triggers their attack-and-eat instinct.

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