Are beard dragons really as soaring preservation as they come across?

I want a reptile, but I've been debating nearly getting one.

Do they need profusely of equipment and do they carry salmonella similar to most reptiles?
Answers: Salmonella is something to be aware about surrounded by ALL reptiles. Most people engineer it out to seem that if you touch a reptile, you can draw from diseased.

Salmonella is passed from touching reptile poo. I know we all [or most] don't turn around touching poo, but reptiles sometimes walk over their poo & capture fecal matter on them. Or even when we verbs out the tank, we can confidently "touch" some poo [fecal matter]

It is very flowing to avoid the passing of Salmonella: Just wipe your hands EVERY time after handling your reptile or cleaning their cistern.

Also, keep a paw sanitaizer handy.

Bearded Dragons are NOT "high maintenance" They in recent times require your attention & like to be loved. Just close to any other pet, [cat or dog] they enjoy one pet, and shown love.

They are very rewarding pets to contemplation for. I wouldnt trade mine for any other pet.

If you DO plan on getting one, DO NOT use sand in the reservoir. It can cause impaction & can eventually execute your pet.

I reccomend using a reptile carpet. So it's not "desert-like", but they are MUCH easier to verbs, are safe for your beardie, and hold no oders.

Be sure to do TONS of reserch before mitt. It will be easier to know what you're in for that opening ;]

Here are some easy to follow consideration sheets:

And here is a pic of my Bearded Dragon [LowLo] and his enclosure. Feel free to run any ideas, lol :) [it take a sec to load, later click the pic to enlarge]
Well a lot is a relative permanent status so it really depends on what is alot to you.

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