African Spur Thighed Tortoise?

For once not a fish question..Well, a few years ago my brother get an African Spur, and we were told he would lone get as big as the coop you put him in. He be reallllllly tiny so we dint think he would grow but so big, and immediately he's HUGE O_O... My brother gave him to me because it be such a huge responsibility, but now hes gotten so big that he requirements to be put in a patio. We have the biggest enclose available around here and now he's too big for it. Its tough to clean out his hold, and he's getting really dirty because of how small it is. Its starting to become really expensive and I cant afford to keep him any more. We cant put him contained by the yard because its too cold. Does anyone know if theres anyone who would help yourself to him/her? because im really picky about giving him away since not a soul around here is really good beside animals..
Answers: About your best bet would be to try to find him a home in a southern climate close to Florida..
That's what the rescues around here do as for heating and housing reason, they are prohibitively expensive to keep indoors. Any haphazard you guys could get him to a rescue contained by Florida? Any chance you may be going near for vacation within the summer?
Try contacting these people, they pedal listing sulcata tortoises and may enjoy an adopter already approved..
That's why you should never just trust the guy at the pet store.. Sometimes you capture lucky and get someone that really know what they're talking in the region of, BUT, most of the time you get someone that doesn't know anything and will newly make up an answer..
Never, ever seize a pet without researching it completely! Of course, you know that immediately, I was newly reiterating that for people.
The state of North Carolina have a good tortoise rescue group. Look around on-line...I'm not sure if VA have one, but these folks can probably help you locate a "rescue" home for the tort.

Otherwise, try seeing if your local nouns has a temperament center that might be interested. I used to work for one and we kept many rescue torts.
It is tragic when pet shops trade bad pet animals to inhabitants, and worse when they lie almost the cares- but it is also tragic when people buy pets 'spur of the moment' instead of doing for a while research first.

Many animal and reptile rescues are financially stressed and are less competent to take 'anything' as they would approaching to be. In fact, several rescues hold stopped taking things they cannot reasonably adopt put a bet on out, and this often includes the giant reptiles (such as the African Spurred or Sulcata Tortoises- the 3rd largest living tortoise).

At smallest one agency I know of only take Sulcatas if you pay a year's upkeep up front.

Then, at hand is the problem of transportation. Most rescues for big tortoises are in melt places, and it costs a chunk of money to transport a big animal.

Just FYI- few zoos take discarded pets anymore. They don't have the room, money, etc. for them contained by most cases. Some zoos still do, some will refuse right up front (usually next to a polite letter), and a few will take the animal and use it 'other' purposes.

The most successful option are:
- advertise to bestow it away with flyers surrounded by pet shops
- ask people surrounded by the local herpetological society for advice
- ask local university if they want it for any purpose

Before I go to the subsequent option, have a handle on... I LOVE tortoises (I have 4 of my own), and I chew over it is tragic that the wonderful Sulcata tortoise is being abused across the US resembling this. They breed well and briskly, so the babies are cheap. They are also cute- so thousands of them every year end up within small, cold habitats and most die inwardly 5 years. I want to scream at people- buyers and sellers- who are segment of this problem.

However, I also understand your dilemma and the tortoise's situation. If you CANNOT receive things worked out for it, consider having your vet euthanize it. It would be better for it to be euthanized than to consume away- which will surely happen of you cannot bestow it the cares it desperately wants.

This is not an easy risk to use, and it should not be- but it is sometimes the most humane solution.

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