Are here any tortoise species that can survive South-western Ontario winters?

I have be looking into tortoises a lot lately, and i hold read that they do better outdoors. however, i am worried about the tortoise freezing to passing during our harsh winters. so, is at hand any kind of tortoise that can survive a canadian winter?
Answers: It's the access to unfiltered untaught sunshine that is beneficial and to some extent the facility to graze on natural plants and grass. I hang on to tortoises and am also in Ontario and unless you have a completely closed, insulated and well heated out-building here is no way that any species would survive. The birdcage would have to be completely resistant to the winds and drifting snow. I don't consider the Florida gentleman suggesting the amenable dog house has much closeness with Canadian winters! Even the Mediterranean species that hibernate call for to be kept in the 50F length to safely survive hibernation. The tropical species are conspicuously prone to illness from cool temperature. You will need to variety inside accomodations for the early topple through to the late spring.
I dont really know of tortoises, but the Red-Eared Turtle can

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