Bearded Dragon Food...freshly get a trial one Help!?

ok i know what to feed him :S but crickets..when you nurture them to him are hey supposed to be alive. i thought it was alive but some populace told me that they should be cut up ?

Help Please!?!?!
Answers: Crickets should be fed live. It's impressive to make sure the crickets are not too big for your beardie. A fitting "rule of thumb" is to make sure the cricket is not larger than the space between your beardie's eyes.
My friend have a bearded dragon and he say he feeds it crickets that are alive. it is resembling the lizard is hunting and it ids better if they are alive. Some people coat the crickets surrounded by calciuim but the best person to ask is the party u bought it from or a person at a pet supply shop.
Hope this Helps

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