Advice on Baby Turtles =]?

I am getting a baby turtle for christmas. It single grows to max palm size(of a small hand). Do you have any tips and counsel. On anything important i will call for to know. Like about its cistern, food etc. Thanks
Answers: No turtle stays that small, but many population say they do for 2 leading reasons: trying to receive a sale, and theirs never live long ample to get bigger.

Red-ear Sliders draw from to 10" average and need a cistern of about 120 gallons for one turtle by itself. Painted Turtles hit roughly 7" and need roughly 80 gallons for the adult. The smallest pet turtles- sure mud turtles, hit 6" and need in the order of a 75 gallon tank for one fully developed.

The Big Three for pet water turtles are:
1. Good water- give or take a few 10 gallons of water per inch of turtle, heated to give or take a few 75-80F, and filtered crystal verbs (which takes big, expensive filters)

2. Good sun- a bask site that is undamaging and easy to climb on, heated to roughly 90F, and well-lit. Using UVB lighting is helpful.

3. Good food- more or less 1/2 good pellet and 1/2 live or frozen/thawed 'fish food'- shrimps, krill, worms (babies especially like blood worms), beef heart, insects, and small fish. Keep them small for babies. When the turtle is over roughly 4", it will add greens to the diet.

Try or for planning.

I love turtles and think they generate good pets- but the set-up will cost you something like $150-200 on average and they are not as easy as they used to say-so back surrounded by the 60's.
What sort of "baby turtle" is this?

To my erudition there are no types of turtles that single grow to the size of the palm of your hand.

Find out what species of turtle it is and look up nurture sheets and do a lot of research.

Turtles necessitate UVB lighting, high-power water filtration, frequent cistern cleanings and varied diets.
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