Bearded Dragon/Lizard lend a hand needed please!?

my bearded dragon is connote and whenever i try to pick him up he'll bite me (its HURTS) is there anyway at adjectives i can make him become nice? I freshly wanna be friends with him and hold him.
Maybe i get a mean 1 at the store..?
Answers: He isn't tamed however. Try feeding him treats from your hand. Be patient beside him. Time and love will do the job.
It is predictable your beardie just hasn't be tamed yet. Its not 'mean' as we right to be heard when we are anthropomorphizing animals, but a defense. YOU are some big, bad, harmful, scary predator to him. You purely need to gain is trust, turn yourself from a bleak thing into a pleasant one.

Link below on how to break a beardie.
how long have you have him if you just get him he needs to be vanished alone to get used to his pen he's attacking you to defend himself because he think your a predator

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