My tortoise is salivating?

Saliva keeps coming out of my tortoise's mouth! He sorta "blows the saliva bubbles" out of his mouth and nose. What's happening?
Knowing the species woulod help, but it has a Respiratory Infection (RI), basically a turtle cold or flu.

In tortoises, this can be serious, and difficult for even an experienced keeper to treat well. The basic treatment is to boost temps a little, fix problems with humidity (some need very high, some need very low), offer some UVB lighting, and ensure a great diet with good supplementation- again, this depends on the species.

Try for care and treatment ideas.
He has a cold
He's gonna blow!! RUN!!
That means he likes you.
get it to the vet! is it really that burdensome or expensive to get your pet to the vet???
hes drooling, duh. you must be a hottie or something.
Give him distilled or bottled water to drink and float in. Sometimes reptiles are sensitive to the chlorine that's put in water during the purification process.

You could also try feeding him parsley. I know parsley stops iguanas from slobbering so why not a turtle?

The member comment below that he's doing it because he loves you is kinda true too...most animals that drool are in comfort and very content with their surroundings. You're a good turtle parent!!
Yeah, the poor thing has a cold.
Are you keeping him warm enough?
I'm sure some sunlight would be a great thing too if it's warm enough.

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