African helmeted turtle question?

I have a masculine African Helmeted turtle, I adopted him finishing April. He's been to the vet a few times, he's in good health and active, but he wont bask. I be wondering if anyone has one or have any info on them because I cant find much about them online. Also I be wondering if I got another one if they would stress eachother out or punch-up. I know turtles in captivity tend to mle eachother that's why I had to seperate my 3 RES. Any info you could tender would be great, thanks.
Answers: I own one that I have have for about 13 years or so. He bask, but with smaller number frequency than other turtles. Basking is an individual preference.
He lives surrounded by a large pen with several other turtles, and they catch along just fine.
You requirement to make sure that the bask area is thaw out. Otherwise turtles won't bask. Also you have to hold a UVB bulb.
Here is a forum- and they specialize in adjectives kinds of turtles. They can uncooperatively help you next to this question of yours. Or here is their site- . They own info about this turtle nearby too.

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