About house mice reproduction?..?

wen a house mice gives birth, how much mice does it offer birth to? because i havent had mice surrounded by my house for a long time and my brother barely caught two child ones running around.
i want to know if there is still more within my house or if he got adjectives of them. i havent heard any so far.
Answers: They can own up to about 18 at one time!! i would guess there are rather a few more you just haven't see them yet.

Could be underneath the floors or in the walls.
There are MORE!! If nearby are two bablies, then within are PARENTS there someplace.and by presently they have given birth to MORE!!!!!!!!

Who know how many more!!! If in attendance are more babies, they will reproduce!! From the same litter or another. mice reproduce FAST and become sexually grown FAST!!
wrong place dood

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