Whats the minimum size reservoir to preserve an adjectives frog?

I want to know what is a good size container to keep an adjectives frog in and how tons like could i save 4 or 5 in a 10 gallon reservoir or mabey 1 in a 1 gallon reservoir and what are some good speices of adjectives frogs that are easy to precision for .. thank you very much for taking the time to relief..
Answers: hi, i have an adjectives frog too
it really depends on the size. my frog is a little smaller than my palm and she's within a 10 gallon tank.
we used to hold about 4 and we kept them contained by that same tank. so, that be a good size for us.
i hold a grow-a-frog. it is one that you order from a company (u can probably check it online). it is laboratory-born but is readily from australia. they are so easy to supervision for, and they are also entertaining to watch.
hope that help! =)
There are 2 types of aquatic frogs. African dwarf frogs they stay pretty small and african clawed frogs that the females can manage up to 5-6 inches. They are both great types of frogs to own. In a 5 gal. tank you could hold on to about 3 african dwarf frogs. As far as african clawed frogs you could singular keep one. Don't preserve either within just a 1 gal. cistern. No room for them to swim and it would stunt their growth. There is a disease called chyrid fungus explicitly moving through the dwarf species right now. There are lots of pet stores that aren't even selling them at this time because of it. I have 5 of them and they all died in a month of getting them because of this disease. I have african clawed frogs 11 of them and they are great pets. If you could capture a 20 gal tank and acquire 2 african clawed frogs you would enjoy them as your pet. I own a yahoo group about african clawed frogs and if you would resembling to join and revise about them please do.

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