Anybody know almost an upcoming reptile expo contained by Los Angeles CA?

I was trying to find a reptile expo in the vicinity Los Angeles CA but couldnt find one. If anybody Knows about an upcoming reptile show surrounded by LA CA please let me know. I'm trying to fine one because I want to buy a leopard gecko I could simply travel to the petshop but I choose not to since some are wild cought. Or if you know any breeders please tolerate me know.
Answers: Any time I want to find out about a local expo, I look on beneath their events listings. I didn't see any for your area, but if you look underneath the classifieds, you'll find a section unswerving to leos. All of these will be captive bred. There's fairly a variety of color and template morphs out there in a minute that you won't find in a pet store. You may find that you similar to them better than the wild type or ordinary leos. I have a couple of hypomelanistics, myself. Super cool geckos! Take a look, you won't be sorry you did.
most (if not all)leopard geckos sold contained by America are captive bred the merely thing you own to look out for is the health of the gecko. petstores are not the best place to buy them for that judgment if you can find an independent petstore that breeds leopard geckos that could be your best bet

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