Dose anyone study lizards?

or am i just a wierd individual near problems i mean i study adjectives kinds i mingy i am a lizard freak and is there anyway to break the habbit please backing
Answers: There is nothing wrong something like learning or even training others bout the wonders of 'Lizards', If there wasn't ethnic group
like yourself within learning everything surrounded by this world,there would not
be the advancement we have surrounded by this world we call dirt!!
Science Is Everything ,,,You have a Awesome Passion contained by
these creatures.Pass your knowledge to others,and lift some Time for yourself,,Even in the Studies of others,One
Must Take some R&R,from your Passion. You could Contact
A National Zoo,to verbs your studies,or A Cal State
University,in your specialty,stumble upon others that deal near Your
Passion,You be Amaze !! You could as well return with a Grant,
for more Research for Medical,Clothing Industry,Military
Applications,Industrial Applications,,there are so Many
types of Research to do,even if it deal with lizards ok!!
And 'No',You are not Wierd ,simply Unique and have
A Passion ,that individual You know and Love as Well....

Be Creative an Open in thought Process and Don't
consent to others say anything around your Passion and Teaching
others your remarkable Self Uniqueness!!
The study of reptiles is herpetology. If you enjoy it, turn ahead and do it. It's not other people that should shape your enthusiasm.

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