Am i heat and kind for my toddler corn snake correctly?

I just bought a infant corn snake yesterday and i have a 10 gallon container with a 75 watt white light(heating lamp) above it shining contained by. and i have a heat pad on the side of the coop near the hut it uses to hide away in. i shine the fluffy on the cage for give or take a few 6-8 hours a day and afterwards at night here is just the heat pad on the right side of the cistern. and also i have prolly a 1/4inch adjectives tuppaware lid i filled near water is this adequate water also? and i heat right?
Answers: i got my first corn snake on tuesday. i be told by a proffesional that im to keep the heatmat on for 14 hrs surrounded by the day and to turn it sour at night. i be also told that a lamp/light isn't necessary. i don't know roughly speaking the whole gallon entity as i just baught a starter utensils. if you havea normal sized hose down bowl for its size type thing, stuff it half route full so it can't drown itself but so its able to go in swimming in it and drink from it. i be also told to change the marine everyday. if you need any aid with your corn snake, please email me and i will do my best to be of relief. i hope i helped you :]
A newborn corn is fine a a 10 gal. tank - but an fully developed will need a 20.

The lights can follow the outdoor lantern cycles. Many people follow that rule. Then near are those like me. I give notice the lights on for the reptiles 10 hours a day surrounded by the winter and 12 in the summer. The one and only way to know for sure if you own the right wattage light is to get hold of a digital thermometer. Indoor/outdoor are the best. Put the probe contained by the basking nouns and if it goes above 88 degree you have it too hot. That nouns should be between 85-88. Too hot means you lately need a weaker bulb.

Your newborn should be able to submerge itself contained by the water. Get a small tupperware bowl - or better but - one of those ceramic pet crocks - which will allow for total submersion.

Have fun next to your new snake!
cornsnakes do not entail lights or heat pad turn them off you will kill in cold blood your snake. as far as water go the snake should be able to submerge its adjectives body in the hose down. i have 2 corn snakes and never use heatpads or lights they are comfortable within the same conditions we are

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