Opinion needed:should i buy a beard dragon or breed my leopard gecko?

i have a 9inch+ womanly leopard gecko and i was thinking just about breeding her but i haven't found a big enough mannish gecko and i dont know how often they breed or how to keep hold of them from breeding or if i even have ample space in my house. so i be thinking of getting a bearded dragon (or some other bigger diurnal lizard) but im not moderately sure about how much they guzzle or how many different veggies they devour. any ideas?
Answers: Beardies are more maitenance than your leopard gecko. However they are one of the most docile diurnal lizards, so that is to say a plus. Hatchling and juvenile beardies can eat upwards of 100 small crickets a morning. They eat adjectives kinds of veggies such as collard greens, squash, zuchinni, bell pepper, cucumber, parsley, etc.
You are looking to spend at least $200 on a proper beardie set up. Although, breeding leos is not going to be much cheaper. Breeding is greatly of work. Do lots of research on both, and see which fits in to your budget and rota.
If you do decide to breed. Purchase a "Reptiles" magazine from your local petstore, within the back they hold a full list of reptile shows and expos within your area. A reptile expo will definatly enjoy full sized geckos, and they can sell you a masculine that is sure to breed. (However, expect to retribution quite a bit for it)
Breeding is more trouble than it's worth.
It's a strain on the female's vigour, it can be expensive (equipment needed, electricity to run said equipment, and possible vet bills), complicated (conditions have to be superlative for them to mate and hatch babies), messy (birth always is), and sometimes it's grief-stricken. (babies and mamas die for various reasons)

Get the dragon.
They are amazing pets.
Here's a well brought-up "general ed" on kind for them. Check out their beardies too. I so want a red one!
Really depends on you and the personality of the dragon or gecko

i'd try to find out more give or take a few breeding your leopard gecko, purely to watch and revise from the experience. i love it when my fish breed, just the integral thing is amazing. anyway you'll resolve when you're ready.it will be fun any way.

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