Bought two gerbils at one and the same time something like a month ago,one is growing briskly and one isnt growing?

the one that is staying small also looks greasy compared to the other one and she other has her fur adjectives messy looking . she walks different too, sorta hops beside her back legs. she is completely active though , more so later the healthy looking one and severely friendly, eating drinking ect... does this nouns like a sick gerbil or is she purely growing slower then the other? what sort of ailment could cause one to grow slower later the other and be all greasy looking?
Answers: Well, I have this happen next to gerbils myself, I got three boys adjectives from the same place and I only just thought the small one was a runt or something. Well, he died, and the subsequent day another one died. I took the third support to the shop, and got my money rear, because I figured he would die too and the petstore family were the likliest to know how to set free him. I felt horrible and cried for an hour. But, the point of this story is, he may feel unwell. I'd isolate the other from him ASAP, and watch him thinly for a week or two. I also had mine for roughly speaking a month before they died.
Having greasy, thrifty fur is a sign of individual unwell.
She's also not thriving, since she's runty still.
It could be that her immune system and genetics are of inferior quality the other gerbil.
Are they from same litter?
If so, she may have be the runt of the litter.
I had one and the same problem with my 2 gerbils, but the little one concluded up alright, he had a few problems, and have to take him to the vet a few times, but adjectives is well a year following!

Do you have a sand tub for him? That helps keep hold of their fur clean and get the oil out out of their fur, agree to them take a sand hip bath a couple times a week, use chinchilla sand you should be able to pick it up at any pet store.

But as someone else already said, it I don`t know a sign of a sick gerbil, when in doubt, pilfer it to a vet!

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