Female 'True' Hairless rats.?

Ok, so I have read that most 'true' thin on top rats are bad mothers and cannibalize. Does this stingy that they wouldn't be as good of pets? Would they not be as fun? I want a masculine hairless rat because I want a manly, but the HUGE balls they own is disturbing, but I also want an active rat (female) but don't want to buy and sell with it going into boil. Maybe a male can be skilled to be more active and explore. But the thought of mt have a rat that snuggles is awesome so Male is what I am leaning towards but I do want some suggestions. AND I AM GETTING TWO OF THEM
Answers: Rodents are the biggest Harbingers of Death....Think the Great Plague of London within the 1800's....I have friends who breed Rats for Snake food...Kudos to them....Rats are not 'Friends'....Wake -up and smell the ROSES...Not the Rat **.
You can other spay the female. no they don't drink the babies, they are like any other rat, freshly without the fleece. and i love rats!

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