I want a pregnant rat??

I want a pregnant rat when rat. i need info on the babies and taking effort of them. my main concern is that after the babies grow up she will be close to 'grr'. i want to keep the girls surrounded by with her and the boys within their own cage till i catch homes for them. would thiss work?? can i keep 1 of the girls surrounded by the litter forever?? also would this cage be big ample?? http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.aspx?s... ?? if not please pick one from this site and post. p.s. if ur wondering y it's cuz m rats my xmas offering.

thanks a million!!
Answers: I would approaching to add how irresponsible you are!

And NO that enclose is entirely too small. I've seen it within person, no business how they market it as...

You should enjoy homes first before you consider breeding!!

You should be mentored for at most minuscule a year by a responsible rat breeder who is bettering fancy rats by health, temperament, and lastly color. And, when you're mentor say it's ok for you to breed, under his/her examine you can.
first of all most places wouldnt flog you a pregnant rat knowingly as its a huge loss for them
enclose is far far to small for more the 2-3 rats
its not recommended you go and get a pregnant rat as when the babies are born some females do get moderately agressive and terotorial esp if they havnt been handle much , which is a real possibility if you draw from a pregnant rat from a pet shop
best thing i can really recommend for you is to conceivably buy the cage and grasp 2 females and spend time and have fun beside them, you wont have enought time realisiclly to dispense a large group of rats individual time and attention plus it can be expensive if one get sick...and espeically if its contageous and spreads
get 2 and devote adjectives your time and love to them, theys be more affectionate and love you more in return...and really its the best attitude in the world when they do
Make sure the bar on the cage you achieve for you rat are not spaced to far apart or the babies can crawl right out. (that has happen to me) Get a cage i.e. made specifically for rats. If you get a rat from a pet store that does not separate the males and females they are more probable to be pregnant when you bring them home. Just remember that rats are very extraordinarily very apposite at having A LOT of babies and it procure can out of hand EXTREMELY briskly! Most rats at pet stores are still quite childish and are more likely to enjoy children with strength problems if bred as soon as possible. If you really want to breed rats please do not do it on a whim, you obligation to research a lot first.


Here are some places to bring back started. Good Luck
that cage is to small.
petco doesnt really own good cage but your gonna want a guinea pig size cage for what you are describing.
they cn own more then 10 babies if oyu find a pregnet one
and its gonnabe hard to find a pregnet oone
and if you try to touch it while its pregnet and she bited you dotn get cracked atr her because she is just mark her territory and dont "Get bord" of her because she merely takes saloon of her babies or its taking for ever to have her babies or for doesn`t matter what reason.

if you want morre consequently 1 rat (which is recomendded) then lately pick otu 3 femals that you like and that find them all instead of a pregnet one

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