Are pet rats truely nocturnal?

Today on xmas i got a pet rat around 9 weeks old (my first pet rat) and adjectives she does is go within the corner in her round up grooms herself and goes to sleep :( is it freshly shyness or nocturnal?!
Answers: Oh thank god someone has asked this interrogate!
No they are NOT nocturnal.

Thanks for saving my right mind!!

Although, if you want her to sleep more at night time, simply have her out more within the day, because they can mould to sleeping in like peas in a pod patterns as us. Wait till she's used to her exotic surroundings first, seeing as she's new

Good luck!
A little of both. It take a while for a rat to realize that you want them to be awake during the day. My girls sleep most of the time, but get up up and greet me if they hear my voice. Same goes for my masculine.

She's new, so she probably only just wants to sleep stale the excitement of a new home & owner.
It's for a time of both.
She must have time to adjust to her untried surroundings and the smells of house and is just adapt.
My rats adjusted their time and did sleep at darkness (I think) , as I did.
They were awake and alive most part of morning.
Gd. luck on new little pet,.. remember they are markedly social,.. play and give her lots of attention.

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