Can hamster potty litter be the result in of my hamster dieing??

We put it in yesterday and in a minute it is dieing as i type this?
Answers: Possibly. You don't have any details on your hamster, which would give a hand people within helping you confirm this.
If your hamster was consumption the litter, then it's fairly possible. I'd stay away from the stuff. It looks just close to a fine clay litter, which isn't good for hamsters.
They can be allergic to in no doubt kinds of wood, close to cedar. Off the top of my head I don't know the full roll of what woods are safe.

I don't regard as wood allergy can kill them within just sometime, though... so I'd guess it's something else. What kind of litter be it, though?
Sadly Hamsters only live for a few short years. And no the potty litter did not slay your hamster, if was frail age.

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