2 hamster question.?

1st question: If i looked-for to breed my syrian female near a male...wouldn't they scuffle in the hold because that's just what they do? but for then why dont they fray?

2nd question: Same hamster, Ginger, her teets (sp) are really showing but i get her from the pet store and dont have any more hamsters...could she be pregnant or merely have big boobs? (serious press by the way) thanks
Answers: Ginger may okay be pregnant already. keep her alone for at smallest 2-3 weeks after bringing her home, and see what happens... this would be a fitting quarantine period contained by any case. The manly would need one and the same time period contained by quarantine, too, before mortal put with a womanly.
Syrians can fight and hurt, even eradicate, each other, when introduced and ill-equipped to breed.
When trying to mate a pair, other place female contained by the males cage, beside no food as a distraction for either partner. Watch them closely for several minutes. IF they start to skirmish, wrestle, or the like, separate them soon. If they dont fight, but only just mill around sniffing, then study them for 20-30 minutes. sometimes the female will drop and "flag", allowing the masculine to mate. Once the mating starts, donate them together but keep beneath observation. I wont go off mine together longer then 50-60 minutes, once they show mate.
If they dont mate the first time, try them again the next darkness, often after 9-10pm is best. Try every hours of darkness for 4-6 nights - probability are they will get the exploit done within that time.
If the womanly has not mate by the time she is 5-6 months old, it may be immensely hard on her. If elder then 12 months, she may not mate any more.
If you own more questions, please email me.
everyone and every site i ever search for told me that syrians fight to the destruction, thats what they do, yet when i have hamsters that were not reasonably mature, they lived surrounded by one large aquarium reasonably happily. later one got callous and so was separated, but the other feminine and the male lived together until her pregnancy become apparent, beside no ill effects. i guess it depends on how out-of-date your hamster is. get two that are younger, not however sexually mature, and introduce them. when i first introduced the masculine to the sisters nobody even fought.
well my females teats are showing reasonably a bit but she is ready to make available birth. if she is pregnant enough to be showing life-size teats then she would be slightly round, but if you have not have her long then conceivably you dont know what she looks like generally. massage terrifically gently and try to determine whether it is freshly plumpness or whether you might have little hamster babies within there. remember that wishful thinking can product you see things that are not in attendance. if she is syrian wait a few days and if she unusually gets rounder later you will know she is pregnant.

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