Another Guinea Pig?

I've had a guinea for 2 months and I be thinking maybe I should catch him a friend but I don't know whats best for 2 guinea pigs, like whats the best hold or cage size and since he is a mannish should I get a mannish instead of a female and stuff resembling that. So I was wondering if you could sustain me out a little.
Answers: By adjectives means seize your Boar a friend. Guinea Pigs are very social animals so it would be hugely sad for your Piggie to be adjectives on his own.
One four week old manly should be fine. The older mannish will take on the role of a carer. It is instinctive demeanour for them to do this.
I have have a male Guinea pig living next to two younger male Guinea Pigs for three years very soon and they have never fought.
If you gain your guinea pig a friend, don't put the males in the coop. males will fight for their space.
And if you attain a female a put it within the same enclose with your guinea pig and she not spayed, you are going to finish off up with toddler guinea pigs. The best type
of cage is one that big satisfactory for the guinea pig to run around in. So if you do grasp another guinea pig put it in a own shut within. but if you take both of them out at alike time you will have to keep watch on so
they don't fight or if you seize a female, be paid sure
that the guinea pigs don't get to close
I hold two guinea pigs make sure they are alike sex but not two males together they will fight. get sure the cage is bigger and that they own a big enough igloo for them to screen in. they love self around other piggies. Mine are in two seperate cage and i let them play outside their cage together all the time they love it.

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