Can i pocket my hamsters away from at hand mom all the same?

can i take my mom away from in that mom there 20 days right immediately and i was gonna transport them away tomorrow but theyre all pretty independent close to they eat firm food and drink water and crawl past its sell-by date to another corner of the cage and sleep
Answers: Hamster pups are weaned bad mom's milk after 21 days. When they reach the age of 16 days, they start exploring their pen and learning to chomp through solid food and drink from the water bottle, but they're still dependent on mom for the elementary nutrition. It's safest to remove them from mom at 23 days, which usually ensures they're fully weaned (add some unflavored Pedialyte to the babies' river for a week, to provide extra nutrition and energy if they give the impression of being bothered without mom.) The mom will usually agree to you know when she wants the pups gone, as she'll nip and swat at them, and sometimes wrestle roughly. 28 days is the longest you should linger, as the babies are hitting sexual maturity and her sons WILL procure her pregnant again (if you intend to breed her again, let her rest at smallest a week before doing so. Raising pups is stressful work and can affect her health).
they should be geared up.

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