Baby guinea pig, what open-handed is it?

I bought my daughter a guinea pig. It is 5 1/2 weeks old, it have very frizzy fur, almost approaching a bad perm. Haven't be able find out what features it is. is the friz baby fur or is it a type of breed?
Answers: There are three types of adjectives guinea pigs:

(known for all the rossetes within their hair)

English crested:
(very sleek fur, usually long fur)

Rex guinea pigs:
(curly, frizzy-ish hair)

Peruvian guinea pigs:
(long straight hair)

your guinea pig is probably either a abysinnian or a rex guinea pig. any way, ALL GUINEA PIGS ROCK!
If it looks similar to this:
It's an Abyssinian.
Look up a Teddy cavy. They have short frizzy fur. They spawn nice pets. Enjoy!

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