Can guinea pig cry?

My boyfriend got a mannish 3-week-old guinea pig, pigalet, from the pet store for Christmas. I already have a masculine 4-month-old guinea pig, piggy, I know guinea pig's basic desires. Piggy chased and wanted to find on top of pigalet. Pigalet tried to win way from Piggy. I put pigalet and piggy within a separated cage or place. Today I put pigalet and piggy together. Piggy tried to chase Pigalet again. I right away picked pigalet up. I found white stuffs contained by his eyes. Before I put him and piggy together, I know I did not see any white stuffs in his eyes. Is pigalet crying or he have infection in his eyes?
Answers: Animals to not express sorrow and emotion like humans do - no crying. This is a robustness issue.
If his eyes are cloudy and blue he might have gone blind. He is most plainly NOT crying, and you should go to the vet and go and get him checked out.

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