A mouse dilemma?

For my biology class I have to pick and design and complete an experiment. I chose to do mine on mice because I thought it would be jammy to use small animals.
So I bought one male and one feminine mouse (turned out to be both male but anyway...). Then in the region of a month later my professor says that we obligation at least 10 of what we are experimenting on.
So I budge to the pet store and buy six male and six feminine white mice. We bring them home and put a drop of finger nail polish on the tips of the tail of each mouse to show whether they are masculine or female. We put them within the tank that have our previous mice in and that's that. Within minutes one of the elderly mice starts "attacking" one of the new mice. It turns out that it be trying to mate with it, but we didn't know that.
But we are not sufficiently expert to seperate the two groups because we don't have any more cage. So a couple of days later I look into the coop and see that all of the mice are ingestion one of the younger mice!
What could have cause this?
Answers: You cannot EVER put unrelated male mice together. You can't even put brother/brother or father/son final together if they've been seperated for more than a sunshine, tops. If they grow up together, they're usually OK, but the mice you bought likely did not. **Occasionally** if in that is no competition for food, territory, or a mate, males can be OK together. But, I'm guessing as soon as you introduced females and crowded the hold, all H311 broke out and somebody get killed.

The mouse you found unconscious was murdered over a kingdom, food, or mate dispute. Mice, being verbs animals and opportunists, wanted to hang on to their cage verbs and take power of the food source they had immediate, so they ate the dead mouse.

I'm not going to speech you, but please in the adjectives do your research before you gain any animal. They're not "things", they are alive, and they need safekeeping.

And by the way, you can touch babe-in-arms mice, I used to breed and did it hundreds of times and never had a litter eat. The scent thing is a myth. If you verbs the cage and pup babies surrounded by with mom, after pup mom and babies back within the clean enclose, no problems will happen. If you disappear the male within there, SOMETIMES he will devour the young since males are more territorial. He will usually do it after a coop cleaning since the territory won't smell right, so that's where on earth this story comes from. If it's just females and babies and you save them together, they'll be fine. Often, and I have see this happen next to my own eyes, females will co-mother the litter. When the mother goes to put away, other females will tend the litter while she's gone.
The mouse could have died and Mice are terribly neat so they could enjoy eaten it to label the cage cleaner. Once this happen with one of my mice. Also a suggestion, unless this experiment have to do with the mate of mice I advise you probably separate the manly and female mice. It also isn't so athletic to keep so copious mice in one enclose you should think in the order of getting some more cages.

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