Can I tender my hamster?

fruit loops?
Answers: A hamster can have a wide open variety of foods. I in truth go to the salad tavern at my local grocery store and get fresh fruit and veggies in that. I do get strange looks at the checkout lane because I merely have a couple pieces of lettuce and fruit at times. I construe its funny but anyways. You can get him some lettuce, but confer it sparingly because it is watery and can mete out diarrhea. I get cucumbers, carrot, cauliflower, egg(hard boiled), green peppers and squash. In the fruits I usually acquire the melons, water melon, honeydew and cantalope, use them sparingly too as they contain abundantly of water. You can also present him plain, unflavored granola. I get unflavored puffed rice, total cereal and unflavored puffed wheat, mix them together surrounded by a large jar and furnish him some of that in a lil bowl. He can also hold a small piece of unsalted ham, cooked hamburger meat or a small piece of chicken. There is a list of dos and donts near hamsters and food. Check it out. Hope this helps.
Crackers and cheese but I dont focus fruit loops is ok!

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