Brand contemporary Guinea pig owner?

I got my lil man a guinea pig for Christmas.. okay it was mostly for me .. He FREAKS out when i try to procure him out of his cage, and what kinda treats do they chomp through? I've tried apple, orange, celery .. and beforehand we bought him the other pig in the coop bit his ears, and back.. mull over he is just worried??
Answers: Do not try to hold him for the first week or more. He freaked out because he was fearful! Guinea pigs are scaredy little prey targets contained by nature, and their primary defense mechanism is to run and screen where they cannot be spotted. You must distribute him time in his foreign cage to sniff around and revise that it's safe and his investigational home. After he gets aquainted, and he doesn't freeze up when you're practical the cage, start to switch him only after. But even this you must do gradually. Like first present treats and let him smell you. Talk softly to bring back him used to your voice. If you don't overwhelm him, you won't ever get that hostile response or even biting from him. Guinea pigs can make exceedingly trusting and lovable pets if you accomidate to their needs to transport things slowly on account of their distress.

Here's a great site with lots of information.
The problem beside gifts is that you do no research before paw and aren't too prepared for when you get them. Please read adjectives of the care info so you are sure of yourself and hold no more questions.
Here's another near more detail on feeding.

Oh and the bittne ears shouldn't be problimatic. Is nearby a wound or is it healed over? If it's heal, no worries, but it there is a wound, you may want to pocket him to a vet soon so it gets properly cleaned up and doesn't infect him.
i hold 5 guinea pigs and only one doesnt run away when we try to pick them up so that is to say normal if he keep biting his ears you should see a vet to see how to make him stop

I get a new guinea pig within September, so I know how you feel! Give them time, don't conquer in and take hold of them. Don't feed them fruit motive they can't handle that much sugar. I bestow mine parsley, carrot and lettuce all the time. Talk to him while he's contained by his cage so he get used to your voice and make sure to guve him his space. Mine be like that at first, but after 2 weeks he begin to let me pick him up.

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