My hamster is going shiny on top. . .?

I have a 2 yr ancient hamster that is slowly losing adjectives his hair. His skin is extremely dry and flaky. He is also itchy - which I judge is a result of his dry skin. I know everyone will say mites, however, I don't give attention to it is. It isn't patchy hair loss similar to with mites, it is gradual - over his together body - his stomach is almost entirely hairless. Even so, as a precaution, I hold been spraying his bedding twice a week beside mite spray. It has be almost a month now and he is getting worse. He still is running surrounded by his wheel and ingestion fine - he just looks horrible. I'm thinking it is potential old age since hamsters singular live 2-3 years on average but I was merely wanted some input or suggestions on what could be cause it. Thank you!
Answers: it is most likely tat your hamster is elderly, hamsters tend to lose hair next to age, like men do, its notthing to serious, but the skin specifically flaky? that to me is a red flad, could be a skin disease, i found a pretty helpful website roughly hamsters diseases, give it a look to see if u can help out out your hammy

if your hamster changes behavior, resembling becomes colourless, shows signs of weakness or limping, breathing slowly, it may be merely your hamsters times to go =[ sorry, really hope u amount this out! best of luck with your hammy, and consistency free to email me with question
What are you cleaning his bedding with? Sometimes they may be allergic to things within their environment.

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