Buying a Guinea Pig?

I'm am going to buy a guinea pig, i want it to be very pacify, what should i look for when i do to get one. are in that any breeds that are calmer than other
Answers: You may want a collected pig but by no means don't progress for the guinea pig in the pet store specifically lay down in the corner stillness, it could be ill. I would look for the most hyper guinea pig which is stuffing it's frontage and running like foolish. You need to check that it's eyes are clear and bright and that neither eyes or proboscis has crusty discharge, check they own no bald patch. You could adopt one from a shelter that way they may own a idea of it's character and background.
first of adjectives, find one you are comfortable with, and if you can hold it at the store consequently do so, if you still feel comfortable, and he does too, steal it home. when you bring it home, leave it within a crate for about a afternoon, with food and hose inside and fresh veg.

the next hours of daylight put him in the hutch, but if you enjoy a run put him in it, and sign out him for a while, but bring him in the hutch previously dark. the subsequent day, trademark a routine, hutch clean, run, food, river bottle clean etc etc. and do that. soon you will acquire used to it and will do the job automatically.

you may want to bring back him a friend as he will die earlier and may bring depressed.

please give it TLC everyday, and hold it. my guinea pigs purr when you stroke them on their back firmly but gently.

hope he'll, or she'll, be a cheerful little ball of heavy fluffy food, :-D Food makes them the happiest little munchkins EVER!! but do not over nurture, it is worse then beneath feeding!
if u basically pick one u like next spent a lot of time next to it it will become calm

if its constantly afaid, it wont be

angelic luck
the most common breed is the american short spike which you can find at any pet store. if you want to get a unperturbed guinea then acquire a male but if you do afterwards you must face the certainty that they might not be able to hold a cage mate unless it is a womanly which will lead to young

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