Aaargh! My hamster escaped somewhere surrounded by my room! How do i find him?

He's not very social. Any belief how to lure him out?

I'm worried that i might step on him.
Answers: Set her cage up on the floor so she can capture in out of it

hold on to your door and windows shut - if you suspect that she's within another room put food and water surrounded by there for her (a shallow dish of river you don't want to drown her).

Stay up for a while each hours of darkness and stay very still and soft and watch the edges / corners of the room and her unseal cage.

Check to see if she's within the cage respectively morning / evening - she may come back in need any problem.


buy some Humane mouse traps, ones that don't kill, and set them up around the house.

P.s. Put food and marine in every room - lately in crust she has switched rooms.

P.P.S. check bringing up the rear / under adjectives furniture

P.P.P.S. hamster are better climbers than most people realise.

or: a performance of this:
put in a room gaurd and stay contained by your room for a wee bit and dont think roughly speaking stepping on him:D

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