Abyssinian guinea pig backing?


So today im going to adopt a 4 month year old Abyssinian guinea pig, to walk along with one i already own who is also Abyssinian. The one i have is a feminine too, and is about 1 1/2. And i be wondering if I should put them in impossible to tell apart cage at first, or hold them separate?

Heres a picture of the one im adopting(: So cute.


Answers: Don't just put them within the cage together tolerate them have a hour or so together on a towel or something in need either of their scent. Clean the pen out before putting them within. There will be alot of chasing, bum sniffing and some females will attempt to mount. If you are sure that your new pig have no chance of any underlying condition then you should be fine putting them together. If you are unsure it is best to house them seperate for a week or so freshly to make sure that nought can be passed to your pig. Glad your adopting she's lovely, at hand are so many unwanted pigs out in that. Good luck
They need plenty of room. I would get hold of a separate cage and consent to them sniff eachother out first..then form it where they can win to eachother if the WANT. That's what I did.

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