About how much will the initial investment for a hamster cost?

Including the hamster, cage, food, bedding, treats, globe, and toys. I'm getting a female Syrian hamster, or soft toy bear hamster, from Petsmart or Feeders Supply because that's where on earth my mom wants to step, and it was a struggle to bring her to allow me to get a hamster. What brands would you recommend for the supplies?
Answers: Hamster- more or less $10
Cage- avg= $30
Food- about $5
Bedding- almost $12 for a big bag
Treats- depending on how abundant and which kind- $2-?
Ball- about $10
Toys- depending on how copious and which kind- $5-?

Check out www.petsmart.com- they will have everything down, including prices
they'r only smaller amount than a quid from macdonalds.

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