Bedding for pet mice?!??!?! Whta to use and what not to use?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I have 2 pet mice and be wondering if I could use old shredded sickly pages composition? Or is the ink bad?
Answers: Bedding that can be used:

Paper Towels
Shredded composition
Shredded Yellow Pages Paper
Shredded Newspaper
Shredded Napkins
Shredded Toilet Paper

If you want, you can call the producer of the Yellow Pages and ask if they use toxic ink. Chances are that they don't, though.
You can use shredded newsprint for their bedding, but label sure that you don't use any color-ads/pages in the mix. Its still individual debated as to whether or not the dyes used within making the colored prints are harmful to animals or not. Mice close to to chew on things, and should they choose to nibble on their bedding..its best to not own anything questionable in their birdcage.

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