A hamster near rabies??

My little sister's Winter White Rusian Dwarf hamster seemed nice the first daytime we had it. Now, today when she puts her finger contained by it lunges and bites her. She says he have been making clicking noise. Whats up with the hamster?
Answers: Unless you caught this hamster from the unreserved, the chances of it have rabies is very amazingly low.
Winter whites can be extremely tempermental. Chances are it just requests some time to get used its surroundings. Give it a few days to seize comfortable. Make sure that she is not waking it up and later trying to hold it. That startles them and can cause them to be even more aggressive.
Its wants time to adjust. Those "clicking noses" are normal.

When it have rabies it mouth foams.
Hamsters don't get rabies..they are so small that any animal that be rabid and bit it would kill it, and therefor not transmit the disease to it.
Your hamster requirements time to adjust, give it a couple of weeks and start handling it next to gloves to socialize it. (golf gloves are ideal).
Animals act differently when stressed, the clicking clamour is a normal, and system your sisters hamster is scared/nervous/ready to bite...

Dwarf hamsters are so cute, but also known for biting.

these generous of hamsters are known to bite and carry cranky easily. He is probably stressed out from the excursion and his new surroundings and have just realised what have happened and it have all mired on him. Giv ehim some space and let him relax for a year maybe, put him contained by a dark and slightly room where he won't be disturbed.

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