A bald rat sound out?

does anyone have a thin on top rat? if you do, can i put him in next to a rat that has mane but is not fancy? thanks

:O :) :O
Answers: Yes completely!!

However hairless rats requests special care...
They tend to be ok indoors through summer but within winter they will appreciate lots of soft warm bedding and a furry companion! Or if your home is cool a boil pad can b used underneath the coop.
Your rat will also need to guzzle more often to preserve warm, and would benefit from extra protein surrounded by their diet from animal sources, such as dog kibble and plant sources such as oats and sunflower seeds
Also be aware that balding rats are fragile creatures in comparison to furred rats. They may enjoy more allergies and may be more suseptable to environmental stress such as drafts and dusty bedding causing them to become ailing.

Please don't let this put you bad, hairless rats are a wonderful rebel and you should definitely find out as much infomation as you can and offer them a try!!

Hope this helps :)
I used to enjoy a pair of bald rats (Samson & Delilah), and when Delilah passed away, I went out and get a new 'girlfriend' for Samson *he be neutered*. The new cagemate, Dawn, be a furry gal, and while Samson was unsure of her at first, he official her. Dawn took a while to understand that Samson didn't own fur and she had to be soft when grooming him, because she kept scratching him on stroke of luck.

I'm gonna see if I can find the photo of those two together, and give you the association.

It's an adjustment for both, but they can be caged together just fine.
Yes, receding rats and rats with fur can live together, and do equal if not better than two rats beside or without fur. Often the thin on top rat will enjoy cuddling and be close to the rat next to fur for warmth. Good luck! :)

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