Can i put a manly dwarf hamster surrounded by wiith a golden hamster a short time ago for spacy reason not to breed.?

Answers: no, a golden hamster is a type of syrian hamster, and syrian hamsters can not be caged with any type of hamster or other animals, they are immensely territorial and will fight to the departure for their space, which is why syrains are always caged seperate from eachother

dwarfs however can be caged together, while it is possible to enclose them together, some dwarfs don't get along in good health with eachother

you can not hold the two together, the syrain will always have need of to be caged seperate from any other animal
No. They may very resourcefully fight, and possibly eradicate each other. Hamsters are solitary animals once they hit sexual old age. They can become territorially aggressive if another comes into the cage.

Make the space to allow them their own enclosure.
No. The golden hamster WILL kill the dwarf, as males will not allow other males into their space.

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