C&c shut within supplies?

hey... i live in Northern Ireland and i really want to craft a c&c cage for for my 2 guinea pigs. i cant find the grids anywere please abet thanks.
Answers: Try contacting http://www.guineapigcages.com/ by email & ask them if they know of any sources within your area for the grids.

Alternately, you can use rope shelves in 2' rise x 5' or 6' lengths for the sides and 2' altitude x 2' or 3' foot lengths for the ends of the coop. These can be found in any home upturn type of store. The shelves are the kind that are mounted on brackets surrounded by a closet or laundry room. You won't need the brackets, logically, but the shelves can be secured at the corners with nylon closure ties, which can also be found at a hardware or home improvement store.

Here's one of mine to donate you the idea:

Good luck! Its great you're trying to construct a C&C cage. They are the best for the piggies!

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