ANT problem beside my mise?!?!?!?!?!?

OK! I have woken up to find millions of ants within my room trying to get into my mouse pen and succeeding! How can i wipe them out?!?! I've cleanmed the cage but theres still mice aLL OVER! Spraying them will backing but how long for the smell to go away?
Answers: Try those little ant drops contained by a place you or your mouse wouldn't bother. if you put the drops right outside of the cage since i.e. where they are going, take heed when taking your mice out to play. Try geting any old food lying around. smash the ants whenever you can. Do what you hold to but consider your mice safety, too.
Don't forget to throughly clean away the drops when the ants are gone!
Umm, move the cage and hold a exterminator come spray it every month. I dont have a CLUE.

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