What things should i receive for my hamster and what sympathetic of hamster should i capture?

im thinking about getting a dwarf hamster but i mull over they are too small i have have hamsters before adjectives the same giving all males im thinking in the order of getting those hamsters again but i really like cuddly toy bear hamsters and other ones im also going to get hold of 2 hamsters i male and one womanly and im going to breed them give me everything i necessitate to know fast!!
Answers: Well if you're planning on getting a womanly AND a male you should consider two cage. You shouldn't keep them together adjectives the time...specially if they have babies.
I suggest you grasp a dwarf. They tend to be more social than teddy suffer hamsters. Also, they'll climb up tubes and others things. Teddy bear hamsters tend to stay grounded.
Also, consider getting a younger hamster since they are easier to bring under control
You will need, a big cage(wire, glass or plastic). They're are tons options out within but try going for a roomy one.
Water bottle
Food/food dish(buy the same food the pet store feed them, this will reduce the stress the hamster may find from the habitat change)
Bedding (NO CEDAR!! It's bad for the hamsters respiratory system, instead try carefresh)
Wooden chew toys (their teeth grow forever, so they obligation to wear them down)
A small hideout
A wheel or a bubble (they need excercise! They'll run miles a daylight!)
A book on your specific breed

Expect spending over 60$

Snacks (they love yogurt drops)
Timothy hay
Chinchilla sand bath (not DUST)(for cleaning since you can't go in swimming them in water)
Cage cleaner/deodorants...I enjoy "clean cage" it works great.
Aquarium, or Hamster environment
You should procure a horse. a white one.
I had a hamster and a guinea pig and I found that the guinea pig make a much better pet. They are calmer and friendlier.

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