Any meal i can variety i can nurture my hamster?

Answers: All of my hamsters have lived to something like 3 yearsold. No problems with loose stools or podginess and I feed them lots.
I nurture a mix of seeds, lots of sunflower seed in shells and no hamster pellet. The pellets will maintain a hamster alive but not healthy. My hamster get a big teaspoon of cooked oatmeal every morning, pieces of fruit, meat, fish, poultry, pasta (plain) rice, veggies cooked and raw and cleaned every time.
I put clumping cat litter in one corner and my boys dance right in the right spot. You can carry hamster litter boxes too.
A young hamster - freshly from his mom - gets some milk to drink within a seperate bottle. Just a little as they don't drink much. Change after 12 hours. Lettuce, celery, cuke, carrot, green beans cooked or fresh and cooked mixed veggies like corn, peas etc. Good luck
Yes, vegetables, or even meat. I used to nurture mine roasted chicken. Hamsters, and most rodents are omnivores which means that they can guzzle meat and plants.

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