I really want to bring my feminine guinea pig a friend. What do I do?

I know that they will fight beside eachother if you just up and put them contained by the same round up. I dont think my mom will agree to me buy another cage due to space issues but besides that, she requirements a friend badly and i dont want to find her a male friend. What shall i do roughly this? (simple answers are accepted. in recent times help me. ok??)
Answers: Female guinea pigs, commonly, could get along. If they don't, verbs the cage and frills really good and hand over them both a bath previously putting them in. Make sure you blow dry and towel dry them! The stress of the tub might make them closer together. Plus plentifully of getting another guinea pig has to do near their personalities. Get a guinea pig to be precise smaller, for dominance issues, that seems trouble-free going.

Also, if you decide to take another guinea pig, try to get it at a shelter. Pet store guinea pigs are, most of the time, are sick. If you return with a male generate sure you nueter him! For every guinea pig birth, is another one put down at the shelter.

Good luck! I hope I helped!
catch another girl, we have two guinea pigs and they're different ages but go and get along fine. guinea pigs aren't that territorial
Get a kitten.
you can buy another female gunieapig and see what happen the new one might find picked on to begin near so introduce them gradually
If you gain another one, definitely acquire a girl as you said. Introduce them slowly, and watch closely to product sure one isn't picking on the other one. Guinea pigs can make great little buddies if they bring along!
Hi I have have Guinea-pigs for many years, and enjoy never had a problem introducing feminine guinea-pigs.
I normally put them surrounded by a run in the garden giving them more space & scrutinize them carefully for any conflict before I would trust them contained by a cage together. As long as at hand is enough space surrounded by the cage you hold it should be ok.
It is normally more of a problem when you introduce contemporary males to each other. I not long put a 6 week old masculine (Tufty) in next to my 14 month old Boris (both Abys) & in that were no problems at adjectives. I think because Tufty be under 10 wks ancient Boris didn't see him as a male.
Anyway I hope this have been adjectives & goodluck!
you should because she is lonley and needs company adjectives guinea pigs "must" have a two of a kind and if they fight it wont be long untill they catch along
Just take a look at this website: http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm...
It can convey you everything you'd need to know in the order of introduction, quarantine, neutrality, ect.

Good luck beside the introductions!
it depends on your piggies personality. if she is usually uncontained and mean afterwards a friend is probably not a good view. Try getting a cage divider from petco. they cut cags within half.
merely get a box to put the brand new guinea pigs in and unhurriedly introduce them then when they are equipped put them together
i would get another womanly friend .. just pick a bring under control one if possible .. shift to petsmart theyre all together near other guineas and the new kid will adjust to yours right now.
i wouldnt acquire two cages or a manly unless you plan on having guinea babys or plan on getting the masculine fixed ..
id stick near getting a female thoe.
-hope i help
You could introduce them by playing with both of them at indistinguishable time, and then you can try and put them together.

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