I enjoy a interrogate more or less my DEGU?

my degu diego is acting kinda funny i was giving him his dust hip bath just approaching always ( i hold a different cage full up with sand i other just put him contained by his dust cage every once and a while) and as a rule he'll like drag himself surrounded by it and stuff my this time he just stood in attendance not doing anything and then i hear a clicking noise and notice his teeth were chattering i enjoy never seen him do this beforehand and i just want to know if I don`t know somethings wrong i have done nought out of the ordanary but the last time his enclose was cleaned my sister cleaned it because i be out of town but i would really like to know if this is ordinary behavior or not Thanks
Answers: he may have not be interested in his tub.
someitme elmo (my chinchilla) rufes to take a hip bath and so i will just hang around till the next daylight. he may just be have a bad morning. everyone have them. I don`t know he is stressed?
sorry im not much help ive never owned one and how do you pronounce it ?? degu- resembling dee-coo? or dee-goo?
please answerc back i would similar to to no
he probably isnt in the mood because his bak molar teeth could be overgrown u should bring him into the vet and attain his teeth check becuz his bak ones u cant see and if there teeth are hurting them they can be stressed

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