How do i embezzle charge of a leafbug?

we found a leafbug and we need to know how to bear care of it be noobs at this (clueless).lol
Answers: It would probably be better if you do let it move about. Different insects have be given the nickname "leafbug," so I don't hold any idea if your insect is a plant-eater or preys on other insects.

At this point, the insects it eat are dying/hybernating, or the plants it may eat are dying.

Best freshly to let it walk so it can hopefully hibernate in the dirt/rotting wood and consequently emerge next spring to oblige repopulate the species. If you do decide to keep hold of it, in a few days, you're a short time ago going to end up near a dead bug within a jar.

If you really want a cool insect pet that much, go to the store and buy something approaching a Madagascar hissing cockroach which are easy to pocket care of.

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