Gerbil's feeler is bitten, can't breath properly! please aid...?

I have 3 masculine gerbils and they usually get along brilliantly, i've have no problems with anger now within about 3 months. However, a couple of hours ago I found one of them looking approaching it was hyperventilating and not vastly active. I tool it out to own a closer look and discovered a slit in it's feeler, where it can with the sole purpose have be bitten. It doesn't seem to be capable of breath very powerfully and is making a rsping sound next to every breath. The vet isn't an option as it is almost 9pm where on earth I am. Has this happened to anyone up to that time? And is there anything I could do to put aside it? I am very worried going on for it and feel it may die. When I cover the bite, (on the side of it's nose) it seem to be able to breath customarily.
i love my gerbil and really doen't want it to die. Please help.
Answers: There are other emergency vets somewhere surrounded by your area. Flip through the phone book and looks for ad that say unstop 24 hours. Breathing problems are serious and need to be looked at by a vet right away. Start looking surrounded by the phone book or calling around to vets, most vet will have a CD to tell you of an alternate number to telephone call in baggage of emergency(which this would be considered)

He obviously should be separated if the injury is severe. You inevitability to split the cage, but save him with the others. If you remove him from the group they will not adopt him back into the clan. Declanning take only a afternoon or two. If you separate him out, then the others will not see him as apart of their clan and will confrontation him over territory. You will want to do the split cage method anyway to introduce him final.

The easiest split cage would be to put a travel round up within the shut within the others are in.
Take him too a vet . they can give support to him...

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