Are exterminator expensive? Do they run up time? Are they worth it?

If anyone knows a appropriate low costing exterminator plz do tell
what are the pros and cons of getting one
I hear u hav to b out of ur house for atleast a mnth is that true??
Answers: Out of your house for atleast a month is false. Why get an exterminator when you can do it your self. This what I did when I thought I have one mouse but end up catching nine of them including the babies surrounded by 11 days. Get some mouse traps and tie a piece of wheat bread or cereal to the metal trigger plate with thread and cover it next to peanut butter. Place it perpindicular to the wall and wait for the rodents to hold the bait. I got the bait info stale the internet and from the exterminator that I called up. I caught my first mouse the subsequent day. Trust me, it will work.

Good luck catching those rodents.
Exterminator for what, rats?
I've hired an exterminator for rats once; it be kind of expensive but worth it. I don't see why you would enjoy to move out. They will find and cover all entrances where on earth rats could get surrounded by, and then put out traps. They will check the traps every 2 days probably, cart out the dead rats and put out up to date traps, or they could use live traps if you prefer that, and release the rats somewhere else. Once all the rats are out and more can't take in, you are set.
If you enjoy the time and energy and aren't squeamish, you could do it yourself for deeply less money. Search thoroughly for entrances. You can cover them with hardware cloth if they are freshening holes.
My preferred rat trap is the Rat Zapper. It is a battery operate trap. You put a piece of dry cat food in it, set it, and when the rat go in it is instantly electrocuted. You discard the corpse, put the bait hindmost in, and set it again. If it get messed up, take out the battery and wash it. It's locked for cats and dogs and babies; if they should stick a hand surrounded by, the could get a zap but will not be harmed.
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