I recently public notice a hamster with drizzly tail, and I was looking on the trellis about it and come across one website that said that Campylobacteriosis is transmittable to humans from hamsters. I am emetophobic, so I'm very hygenic (washed my hand over 5 times after being beside my ham), but has anyone ever hear of this or had any experiences near it relating to hamsters??

Answers: Campylobacter is only one of the possible agents that could lead to wet tail . There could be a few bacteria responsible (see below). Without doing lab test , one cannot be sure which bacteria is the create . Anyhow , routine hygiene is important . Maybe wear disposable gloves when you toy with sick animals as well as wash your hands.Most hamsters next to wet tail that I have see seldom survived .
well i dont know what you are conversation about lol i construe you should look it up on wikipida or something

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