How can I introduce a youthful masculine rat to aged mannish rat in need much aggression?

I have a 2 year matured (or older) male rat and I only just got a womanly and male rat, both something like a month old. Obviously the famle is within a different cage, but I'd close to to put to two males together if possible. The older rat has be a single housed rat for the entire time I've had him (almost 2 years). Is that going to be a problem I'm going to own to factor in?

Also, I've have both boys out together in a nuetral nouns and they were fine together, but as soon as I tried to introduce the infantile one into the old one's round up the old one get aggressive. I pulled them out before anyone get hurt, but is that something I'm going to have to tolerate happen (dominance issues)?

2 semseters of Animal Behavior down the drain...heh.
Answers: I would close to to suggest to you to buy another female rat as a companion to the one you newly bought. They are far happier when they have another rat surrounded by the cage next to them. I realize you may allow her to play with the males, but if you don't want them to reproduce or become aggressive, I did want to agree to you know that she'd be happier with another of her sex.

As for your interview, it can be done. You can introduce them using your shower tub. Let them out and get to know one another for a few weeks twenty min or so at a time surrounded by the tub (as this is a neutral place where on earth none has fragranced and claimed it as his own and a good place to hold on to an eye on them).

If you would like to house them together within one of the cages you currently own one in, the sunshine you wish to do this, whip the cage and verbs it. Thoroughly clean it. You want none of the first rat's scent on any of the toys or surrounded by any of the areas of the cage. I suggest getting adjectives new toys to engineer this easier on you, as some toys prove difficult to clean effectively.

Once you own placed them together, watch them close to a hawk. Males are harder to place together than females are, but it can still be done. Let them play in the pen and if one starts to fight the other, tolerate them fight for for a while bit before tear them apart. Sometimes they just want to claim dominance and it may newly take one small combat. Of course this doesn't mean if they are hurting respectively other and drawing blood to let it verbs. Use your discretion.
Try looking up these sites

The first link is pretty appropriate, i've used it for introducing my 2 new masculine boys to my current 2 girls. For playtime out of the cage unsurprisingly :)

Good luck, I hope they become good friends!

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