Ahh.how can i convice my mom to llet me hold a rat?

my mom i guess saw a movie awhile ago it had rats she said it be so gross she said they look me and dumb.i think they are cute and i dont really mull over they take much to whip care of and they a short time ago want love and sutff.i mean it's better they anyone tested or fed to snakes or something.so how can i convince her and can u own just one?
Answers: Do some intelligent research on the pet rat.

Start writing/typing down everything in the region of it

Print it

and hole punch it

and put it in a binder/folder

and furnish it to your mother. =]
That would impress her tons.
very glib to take watchfulness of and you can tame them slickly. the only prob i found is that if you dnt cleam them out regulary they smell a bit... Mine comes when call and licks me...incredibly cute! they also eat anything..... let somebody know your mum they aren't anything like the rats most folks think them to be...pet rats are tremendously much different to wild ones....
Same process I did. Do your research! Find out everything you can; become an expert. Like the other Yahoo!er said, Print, Holepunch, binder.

Ask to see her (Your mom) privately, present your case. If she brings up that your not responsible, show her that you are! Clean your room, do your homework, oblige her out, show up on time, etc. Good luck!

P.S. Rats are great fun, but they poop deeply. Be prepared to clean out the enclose a lot.
Rats are cool pets as long as they are friendly. I have a rat named Clyde that I took next to me everywhere including the movie Willard (about rats). They are easy to thought for not too messy and very cheap to preserve. Mine was pretty smart and I be able to instruct him to walk on a pencil and hang down from it. I carried him around in my bicycle picnic basket, my purse, and my shirt pocket. I got surrounded by trouble at school for have him there, but except that he was never a problem.
Fancy rats can be fantastic pets. They do have need of looking after and cleaning out regularly to stop them smelling - the same big-hearted of care that hopefully you are giving your hampster. When handle properly and carefully, they do not bite and can be as playful as puppies. I used to hold hampsters until someone gave me a rat as a pet. I afterwards got hooked. I other used to let mine run around my bedroom for excercise. I have one who would come when I called (and run up my leg and body onto my shoulder when I was stood up), played chase next to a bit of string and could even play fight beside her with my finger. She would really gently clutch my finger in her mouth - but not bite at adjectives hard. I found that if I have two together (same sex only - otherwise they will breed), they be never quite as friendly as one on its own.
Tell your Mom that rats are exceptionally intelligent and not dirty (they are not the same as sewer rats).
Males are larger and cuddlier, but females seem to be to be much more fun (in my experience).
Don't introduce them to your other pets - they won't get on. Sadly I immediately live in a house next to too many holes for rodents to put by in, so my rat keeping days are over.
I'm near the hole punching and binder idea too. Rats are REALLY smart! They could swot up tons of tricks and are one of the smartest rodents. Its true what everyone says though, you own to clean out the hold a lot, but its really worth it. Rats are great companions and could procure along fine with other animals as long as they obtain along with them. I really hope you could get hold of ur rat! Tell ur mom that u r practically saving its energy by getting one. They are a lot different next the rats out on the street! Like they may have duplicate body type but their temperments are completely different. Good luck!
dont get a rat they are repulsive and smelly and gross. get dwarf hamsters instead
Show her some really cute photos:


...And remind her that she'll never own to go to hand the rat(s) if she doesn't want to.

Remember that rats are much happier in pairs (and this from time to time makes any difference to how all right they bond with you), so if at adjectives possible, it's better to get two.

Good luck, they're remarkably affectionate and loving pets =).
Ahh, how to convince your mom...I was once within your mom's place, when my own son wanted a rat as a pet (we are presently on our 4th and 5th rats). My son did a lot of research and presented me next to information from the web showing what obedient pets they make. I really couldn't see have a rat - of all animals to hold as a pet! Then I went to a pet store to look at them. I contracted I could hold one if I thought of it as a "mouse on steroids." (I had gerbils and hamsters as a kid.) The rat I held looked hugely similar to Stuart Little, from the story by E. B. White. That rat ended up becoming a much loved pet within our family. If you are responsible for other things surrounded by your life, probably your mom will see that you are responsible to take consideration of the fuzzy little creature, too. And finally, we originally had only just one rat, now we hold two (of the same sex, and I intuitively would recommend females). They are social creatures, and having two make their lives better. Good luck in convincing your mom!
buy one and right to be heard u found it on the street!
do u have at least possible 200 dollars for ur rat, i have 2 theyre not even two years frail and have cost me almost 200 bucks.. im expacting to rate another 50 for a vet appiontment in a few days. My rat sugar have an ingrown tooth, and it cost me 50 bucks last time, and unless they lowerd the prices, which i outstandingly doubt, itll cost me 50 afain because she willnt chew on her wood!
if you do convince ur mom 2 get u 1, try 4 2, they r really social. I can take mine surrounded by a large grassy park near no dogs and they come when i call their moniker
ask for a horse first, then "settle" for something smaller..aka a rat...lol =)
You should acquire gerbils.
They don't require much care and frequent vet vistits.
But rats do. I looked-for one my self until i found out they can get diseases glibly.
Do some reaseach.
Here's to start u off www.fancyrat.com
Speaking as a mum - I'll tip off you against getting one without unfolding her first, as there'll be all hell to take-home pay when she finds out! I agree with the majority of the other posters - show her you've done your research, work out how much a clad sized cage will cost, plus adjectives the accessories you'll requirement (tubes, hammocks, toys, bottles, bowls, brushes), research their diet (links below), their health problems, possibly even offer to do some chores round the house (and stick to them!) to reimburse towards their food and upkeep etc. Work out whether you have time for them (they entail at least 1 hour playtime out of the enclose every day), whether you can afford to pay for vet bills (as some rats can go their total life lacking seeing a vet, and others can be there every week!), and show her you plan to be responsible for them their together lives - not just til the originality wears rotten. I'd also look into getting your rats from a good breeder (check links below for finding one) a bit than a pet shop, as there's nothing that'll put your mum bad more than a bitey nervous rat (pet shop rats roughly are poorly socialised and unhealthy as they're weakly bred by mass breeders from unhealthy parents).

Also - please dont ever freshly get one rat - rats are deeply sociable animals, and cant live alone (unless there's a health function for it - and even then it become a much more time consuming job for the owner, as it ability much much more out time and play time). Getting a pair of rats (of equal sex to avoid babies!) will make them so much happier, and they'll also play together and save each other company while you're at academy.

So anyway - at the end of the afternoon - if your mum says no, respect that choice and remember it's not long til you're a grown up and can enjoy your own home and make your own choices. But cute photos and showing you can be really responsible will work wonders next to most parents!

Check out the links for more info (and cute pics)...
yes they can bite, they have teeth, if you wake up them up suddenly, put your fingers through their cage bar, scare them or startle them. If it have teeth it can bite.

880 dollars is not going to last long, a fitting quality hold (NO smaller than 24x18x24 inches) will cost close to $200. get the rats from a breeder to make a contribution you a better chance, toys, and proper food (NO pet store stuff, clear home made, or buy quality lab blocks from any harlan teklad or mazuri), litter (say yesterdays news or something of equal quality), later things like hammocks and toys, marine bottles (you will need more than one), later there is vet precision, which can be expensive because they are considered "exotics".
so let me break it down for you

commonly one time expenses

rats-----35 (from breeder)

Monthly Expenses


then here is things that need to be done every couple of months resembling a vet check up (atleast a couple of times a year, so say your rats are contained by optimum health, so it would be twice)
so 50 respectively time

now supply that up,

Just for the start up of getting a rat, it's over 300$ and monthly expenses are about $40, depending if you requirement to take your rat to the vet or not (they are VERY prone to respirtory illnesses) and if it IS sick and can cost OVER $200 surrounded by ONE vet visit.

Now bring into the fact that rats do BEST within same sex pairs (or if opposite sex, they HAVE to be altered, fixed, neuter, spayed, whatever you nickname it), and both rats are ill you can be spending over $400 surrounded by one vet visit.

Can YOU afford this? Can your Mother afford this? is your mother WILLING to lift you to the emergency room at 2 am? is your mother WILLING to pay this if you can't?

Put the rat since yourself, if you can not provide this, then DO NOT bring back the rats!
Well let me basically say you enjoy plenty enough money! I own a female rat and she is a pleasure! Her name is honey and she is fundamentally friendly. Most people reflect on all rodents smell impossible but rats dont smell bad unless you do not verbs their cage which you with the sole purpose have to do around every week or two. Depends on the cage. I muse rats make great pets and they are Really smart!

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