Anybody else hold this problem beside carefresh bedding?

I love carefresh bedding it has be my favorite by far. However yesterday after I cleaned out my hamsters cage I open a brand new pack of carefresh bedding and parts of it were thorny. Like rockhard. Has anyone had that evolve ever with their bedding? It be the carefresh ordor control the blue kind.
It wasnt adjectives hard but some of it be. Just wondering if this is harmful to my hamster, close to is it bad bedding? Lol Cause I dont know. Thanks everyone!
Answers: It's made out of recycled broadsheet, so it was probably merely a couple of clumps of hard serious newspaper like card board or something. I don't consider it will hurt your little guy. I could also have be glue within the paper or something. I wouldn't verbs about it. I used that stuff for years and it be just fine.
No, but one time the CareFresh Ultra smelt close to chlorine.
I wouldn't use the CareFresh you purchased. Return it to the store, get a tentative bag.
I picture it has something to do next to coloring that made it go adjectives hard.

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